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Making Life Wholesome


“Our dream is to create a wholesome local farm marketplace that will thrive for families in the communities we serve.” -Berry Fruit Farm




Joel and his wife Melissa have sought to continue a family farm in the foothills of Western maine.  Setting out in 2010 to bring back a piece of the greater Berry fruit farm, the two of them make it priority to offer quality in quantity. It's their dream to create a sustainable farming environment for the community, for the future.

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"We both never dreamed we would be full time farmers when we were young. The more we looked at the lifestyle and saw that it fit our family's goals, the more we became committed to the vision!"

There have been challenges along the way but through it all faith has risen to meet Joel and Melissa in every step. 

"There were times when we didn't know if we were going to be able to handle the challenges that came up. I remember my son Noah saying, "you can do it Dad!"  That gave me so much strength and you know what?  I did it...but I didn't do it alone!"  

Each year Berry fruit Farm hires employees to aide in planting and many other horticultural needs. Joel and Melissa are so thankful for the help they receive from their employees and look forward to each spring when the help returns from winters break. 

The future is full. Berry Fruit Farm is a growing place in so many ways. New crops and bakery items are arriving daily. Come take a look at our own farm fresh produce and many assortments at our beautiful farm stand. 

"We look forward to seeing you and sharing the blessing of our farm with you."