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About Us


In 1900, Howard P. Berry settled in Livermore, ME. After running a dairy operation for many years without great success; Howard and his only son Lewis Berry set out to plant 5 acres at Berry Fruit Farm on Berry Hill. Each year, father and son would plant another 5 acres of pasture to apple trees.

Lewis and his wife Erma had six sons who officially formed a business called Berry Hill Orchard Company in 1945. At that time, the company had well over 7,250 trees to manage including red cherry, pear, apricot, peach and plum trees.

Through the years Lewis and Sons continued to grow Berry Hill Orchard Co. The family was able to store 100,000 bushels of Apples in their storage facility. They owned many farms throughout Livermore and operated an Agway Store just below the Homestead.

In 2010, Carlton youngest of Lewis' children taught his grandson Joel the art of growing apples. Since that time, Berry Fruit Farm has been reestablished to preserve the art of growing fruit. The Farm offers more then the finest quality U-Pick and Retail fruit; It is the place to create your family traditions and memories that will last a lifetime (and maybe generations).



OUr mission

Berry Fruit Farm is committed to delivering quality fruits to the local community and beyond.